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Engagement session in Central Park / Karen & Dago

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Couple stair terrace in Central Park

You all know Central Park, right? Well, this beautiful scenario was the perfect place to make these two feel at home. All of you who know how it feels to be in front of a camera can relate to the anxiety and expectation for something so important and special, so this time I tried to be a little more relaxed than usual (which is A LOT!) and, luckily, the weather was the perfect partner-in-crime for this session. The last days of autumn are usually the best ones because there’s not much cold yet and you can smell the fresh coffee and bagels; the love mixed with romanticism in the air.

So here we are, the three of us taking our time to make everything perfect and sweet. Karen and Dago’s wedding isn't until next year but they’ve decided to plan everything and make everything even more perfect with time and patience (and love, of course). And that’s what I wanted them to show me through their expressions. I have to say: they nailed it. Even though I knew from before we started the photo shoot they were a little bit shy, none of that stuff popped up at the time. They were sweet with each other and funny with the camera, they were the perfect combination that day with the location and the weather, like a little bit romantic and warm despite the fact it was almost winter. Sometimes it’s difficult to be on this side of the camera because you feel like you’re invading their privacy, but not with these two sweethearts.

Funny side of the story: they moved to New York not so long ago and they absolutely love the city, but the magic lies in the feeling that they are still tourists even to this day, so they’re constantly living like it’s their first day here… like their love for each other.



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