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Two if by sea / Carol & Felippe – West Village Wedding

This wedding is one of the most romantic and classy I’ve ever been to. When Ana Carolina told me she wanted to work with me, it was a big YES!

Their entire family is from Brazil, so aside from the beautiful moment of the wedding itself, it was like a big family gathering (even though there weren’t a lot of people). Both sides of the family were amazingly loving and caring during every part of the ceremony and the getting-ready moments. There were a lot of feelings at the time, most of all because just a few months before the wedding, Ana Carolina called me and told me she was having a baby! Yes, she danced and enjoyed every part of the night like she wasn’t 7 months pregnant. Crazy, huh? If you pay attention to every part of the ceremony you can see her stunning and shining.

She’d been thinking about doing the ceremony and cocktail party at this magical place located in the West Village. At One if by land, Two if by sea, you'll find the very sweet, romantic and bohemian kind of atmosphere that this couple was looking for. And I need to give a special mention to Petals by Dani who planned out and put all of her love into the flower arrangements that were the finishing touch to the romantic atmosphere.

We didn’t have the chance to do a first look with the bride and groom, but luckily I found this gorgeous patio at the restaurant that gave us a chance to do some pictures with them. They were so happy to be able to have a moment just for them, and all that energy and love flowed through the lens.

I want to say a big THANK YOU! To every person who collaborated with this beautiful experience: from the bride’s mom who was incredibly helpful and caring to the musicians who played all night, non-stop, so that we could have a beautiful and romantic evening. All of you were special and important parts of this night.


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