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Miss Love / Francesca & Leonardo / Surprisal Proposal in Brooklyn Bridge

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Couple next to the Brooklyn Bridge

They look like they’re in a movie, right? Well, they’re not, but their love is.

I have to admit that this is one of the most powerful and beautiful experiences I’ve had in my time as a photographer, so I'll go ahead and tell you the whole story:

Francesca is a former Miss Ecuador and her boyfriend (now fiancé) made a whole plan to propose in the loveliest and most romantic way humanly possible. He told her he would take her to see her sister, who lives here in the United States -which is a great gift by the way- because they miss each other every day. But what Francesca didn’t know was the big surprise that was waiting for her: the whole family was there! And those who have separated parents know how beautiful and special it is to have your whole family get together for one purpose.

This was no different.

Francesca almost cried when she saw her entire family waiting on the Brooklyn Bridge. But there’s more: Leonardo made a heart-shaped crown of roses that you could see miles away from the ship she arrived on, and there, the message: Will you marry me? I know, I know… I said it wasn't a movie but in the end, it kind of was. I think I almost cried when I saw the whole picture of what was happening.  I can’t explain to you the sparkle in Francesca’s eyes, the joy, the love surrounding the air and the family, even people walking by the park saw the whole thing and stayed waiting for the big moment! Francesca’s already popular so it was nothing new for her, but can you imagine having that whole crowd there for your surprise engagement session? Just epic.

We took a lot of lovely and powerful pictures. We were absolutely blessed by the dawn that took place that day: the colors made an atmosphere of love and romanticism that won't soon be forgotten.



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