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Dene Summerhouse dreaming wedding - Paula & Andrew - Central Park

When covid started interfering with everyone’s wedding plans, many of my clients had to change the dates of their large celebrations, not once but up to three times in some cases! Can you imagine how stressful that must have been? So it’s no surprise that small, outdoor weddings had a boom last year. Elopements in Central Park and other iconic locations in New York became the favorite of couples who didn’t want to wait to say, “I do.”

Paula and Andrew decided to go with a micro-wedding. They got their family and closest friends together and had a very romantic and fun ceremony in Dene Summerhouse.

For anyone who wants to have their ceremony, then do their portraits just a few steps away, this is the perfect place. Against a backdrop of Manhattan’s towering skyscrapers and Central Park greenery, this couple was able to have the ceremony of their dreams and take a ton of memorable photos, all in ONE HOUR!

If you want to know more about this kind of celebration, I would love to give you all my recommendations for outdoor weddings in New York!


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