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VINTAGE EXPRESS / Marianny & Cesar - City Hall Elopement

So here is the thing: almost winter, snow falling from the sky and these two birds in love waiting for their big day. Can you imagine doing such a meaningful thing under the falling snow? It was actually the perfect combination.

Chinatown had been waiting a long time for us. Waiting to see Marianny’s perfect dress and Cesar’s charismatic smile combined. In that moment we knew no cold would stop us! It actually only took us about 15 minutes to take these amazing pictures, so they are living proof that you can have a quality and amazing experience even though you’re getting married in winter.

Moving on to the big moment, I must confess I never in a thousand years imagined I would see so much love in the air from such a small crowd: Marianny and Cesar just brought their witnesses and some bridesmaids to the ceremony at City Hall due to their families' different locations, but trust me, there was no lack of love at all.

You could feel the support in the atmosphere at that time and even at the party at Gnocco’s. And yeah, it is true what they say: Italian food is the absolute best! The guests were so happy to share that moment with the bride and the groom, and of course, I was extremely happy to document the best day of their lives. I can’t end without telling you how perfectly decorated this East Village spot was thanks to my dear Natalia Carrillo who brought the spirit of love through the color palette and the decorations.


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