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Inwood Family Session - New York City

Is there anything more lovely than a family picnic with professional photos to remember it by? I know that to this couple, there’s nothing they’d love more!

All the parents I know agree that one of their greatest fears is missing important moments; that their babies will grow up in the blink of an eye and before they know it, they’ll be spending most of their time at school, away from home. Every detail about their children matters: their voices, their facial expressions, the life experiences and lessons they are learning at that moment. That’s why my approach in these sessions is intimate but unobtrusive.

Lifestyle sessions are ideal for allowing your children to run, play, laugh and even cry, because it all represents the reality of your child in that moment in time. In New York, we’re fortunate to have innumerable locations where we can create these sorts of memories. From the parks of Inwood to the Brooklyn Bridge, from the ferries on the East River to the hidden corners of the Village; hidden spots and iconic backgrounds will take on a new special meaning in your family session.



Location: Inwood Hill Park


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